My Operating Principles

Companies have mission statements and core values, so why not people too? Here, I share the principles I use to guide my life to ensure I remain aligned with my community, to make myself transparent, and to lead a well-lived life.1

Prior Art

Do it on purpose

What others have said about the courage to choose the important path instead of the easy path:

Help people

What others have said about being a giver and lifting the tide for all:

Eat bitterness

What others have said about having a high internal locus of control and a bias towards action:

Learn everything

What others have said about openness to experience and having a beginner’s mind:


What others have said about seizing the day and original seeing:


  1. I’m merely an imperfect human being. These principles are aspirations that I strive towards—not an attestation of how I currently live. This is not advice for you, but pages from my diary that I’m letting you take a peek at. Making my values public helps keep me accountable to you. If you find me acting contrary to my principles, please tell me. I welcome your feedback.