Friendship Futurism Podcast

Friendship Futurism is a podcast about relationships in the 22nd century and beyond. I explore how to build community and strengthen connections in a digitally native world.

Relationships are inherently embodied and physical, but can technology help us build strong communities that wouldn’t be possible offline?

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3. Scaling a community to 1,000 members in a year with Emily Fang

Show notes

Emily and I talk about strategies to become Internet famous, building a DAO, dealing with haters, how to avoid being commoditized online, why I’ll never be cool, and how scale requires 1:1 effort. Emily is the co-founder of Asian Wander Women (with Ivy Xu) and its eponymous venture studio DAO which has grown to 1,000 members in just over a year.

2. Your unique strengths as an event host with Solon Teal

Show notes

Solon and I talk about how to create true-to-yourself gatherings in the online world that make people go “wow”, why some people are open and others are closed, how communities are both selfish and selfless, loneliness and novelty in the internet age, how not to be a relationship freeloader, the future of diversity of thought in online spaces, and so much more. Check out Solon’s startup at

1. The beginning with Jessica Fan

Show notes

Jess and I talk about what it means to have friendships in the 21st century, why octopuses are the best animal to model communities, the cycle of emotions, the garden of relationships, and how to make online gatherings so good that people prefer them to the in-person version.