Brag Better: Summary and Review

Brag Better

Brag Better: Master the Art of Fearless Self-Promotion by Meredith Fineman

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Brag Better


This book is written more for people who are underconfident and need an author to validate you and tell you that you are ok. It has good basic insights for those just starting out, but for more effective advice, I would rather recommend Made To Stick.

See Made to Stick: Summary and Review

Personally, the book was better for helping me understand what shy people are fearful about than for helping me understand how to self-promote.


The “B” Word

Read this book if you aren’t already promoting your own accomplishments. Also, the author will tell you why you are not as shitty as you think you are.

Why Is Bragging So Hard?

Bragging is hard because staying quiet is easy.

Be Proud

List your accomplishments so you can prove to yourself with objective evidence that you are good, instead of feeling like an imposter if you don’t have this external evidence.

Be Loud

Don’t be loud, be direct.

Be Strategic

Sometimes it is socially unacceptable to self-promote. Recognize these situations and don’t self-promote in these circumstances.

Résumés, Bios, Headshots, and Personal Websites

Basically, “be direct” again.

Sadly, the book doesn’t mention the most important part, which is focus on what value you can provide others, not yourself. People care about themselves, not you.


Prepare and don’t “wing it”.


Be specific and direct.

Salary Negotiations

Be specific and direct.

Public Speaking

In order to be invited to speak, tell people directly you want to speak at their event.

Bragging Online

Do all the previous things, except online.

Facing Your Bragging Fears

Ask “what is the nastiest criticism of my idea?”, ask that criticism of yourself, and then prepare an answer.

How to Deal with Being “Out There”

Don’t feed the trolls.

Practice accepting compliments graciously instead of deflecting.

How to Help Others Brag Better

Promote and help others too.

Ask Others to Brag for You, Too

Ask directly for others to promote you.

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