Learning Night

Learning Night is a TED-like speaker series where our coolest friends get together and give talks about topics they are passionate about.

Each night has 3 speakers who share something they’re passionate about—anything at all! It’s typically a 15 min talk + 5 min Q&A but speakers are free to make up their own format. In the past we’ve had workshops, guided meditations, and music jam sessions. Other past talks have included topics like:

  • History of circumcision
  • Building your own particle accelerator at home
  • How to resolve relationship conflicts
  • Teaching a hip-hop class
  • Making GIFs in photoshop
  • More past talks on our website: learningnight.com

My favourite part of Learning Night is how friendly and welcoming everyone is. It’s the perfect opportunity for those new to public speaking to practice their skills in a low-pressure, informal environment. I’ve seen shy, reserved friends who have never given a talk before gain so much confidence and experience through Learning Night that they are later able to completely rock the stage at huge events.

Want to attend a Learning Night or give a talk? Apply to join here.

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