Idea Club

Idea Club

Idea Club was a reading group I started during the Covid-19 pandemic to gather friends to share ideas, perspectives, and experiences. We’ve wound down the group now, but below you’ll find the description of what it was formerly.

Have you ever read a book that profoundly changed your life? Afterwards, did you think “Wow this book is incredible. I wish everyone could read it.”

Every week an Idea Club member volunteers to “show and tell” a book (or article/video/other media) they’ve been reading/thinking about to the group for 15 min or so. Afterwards, we have a free form discussion for you to ask questions, comment, share memes, do/say whatever was sparked by the ideas presented.

Idea Club gives you the opportunity to share with us the insight you gained, and we get to learn these new perspectives from you.

The default path to literacy is lonely. The more books you read, the less you have a shared foundation of knowledge with others. Because reality is counterintuitive, each step you take towards the truth draws you away from a shared language to talk with others.

With a group like this, instead of reading books by yourself, we can go together on our collective journey towards the truth. You have all these ideas swimming in your head from all the books/podcasts you follow but no one to share it with… Idea Club opens the door to further conversations in a shared language.

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