Idea Club

Idea Club

The brainwashing effect of books is rather strong, and I often want to participate in a discussion to get feedback and different perspectives and reactions to what I’m reading.

Formerly named “book club”, we gather every week to share our experiences.

The first rule of idea club is: You do not have to read 100% of the book to participate.

Forcing everyone to finish a book has several drawbacks:

  1. It causes attrition
  2. It limits the frequency we can meet
  3. It voids the benefit of being able to support each other in understanding difficult sections. The group could otherwise tackle more daunting books that you may have skipped if it were an individual burden.

The pressure to “finish” books is what causes people to read fewer books than they ought to if they used a better reading strategy. This is a shame. We could all gain the benefit of wider literacy if we kept motivation high by skipping anything not personally interesting and worked together as a group to unite each of our partial readings.


The default path to literacy is quite lonely. Because reality is counterintuitive, each step you take towards the truth draws you away from a shared language to communicate with others.

Thus, I started Idea Club as a way to bring my friends along with me in our collective journey towards the truth.

If you are also interested in this journey and want to join Idea Club, email me.

COVID-19 update: Idea Club is now hosted online.