Creating Crew

Creating Crew

Have you ever wanted to write, draw, sing, film, sculpt, dance, or in general want to produce more of your artistic work?

Creating Crew is a Discord group where we meet weekly to share, discuss, hang out, and swap feedback.

Writing, art, music, and the things we create are fundamentally meant to be shared with others. I think it is a mistake to buy into the image of a lonely, tortured artist brooding over their masterpiece in isolation. Art created in this manner is totally out of touch with what people want, and the artist loses all sense of proportion and realistic understanding of their place in the world. The best creators understand that creativity is inherently a social endeavour, not an individual pursuit.

Creating Crew is designed for us to help each other with feedback, emotional support, and peer accountability. Giving/receiving feedback is not mandatory; as everybody works at a different cadence, it’s up to you to pick what goals you want to set for yourself, how often you want to attend meetings, and your level of involvement.

If you want to join the Creating Crew, email me.

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