Meet me / Date me

I write because I enjoy learning new perspectives from you, meeting new people, and hanging out with readers in person (or virtually)!

If you’d like to hang out platonically, feel free to get in touch, or attend one of my gatherings: Learning Night, Creating Crew, or Idea Club.

Otherwise, if, like me, you are also searching for a partner with whom to build a life together, here are some activities that I like to do on a date: (but no pressure; I would prefer getting to know you as a friend first)

Reading books


Working out

Having good conversations

I try to be transparent in my writing, so hopefully you’ll be able to get a sense of my personality just from reading this blog.

The operating principles I use to make decisions and guide my life are: Do It On Purpose, Help People, Eat Bitterness, Learn Everything, and Silly. If you share some of these principles, I will be very interested in hearing from you.

While I have a strong sense of my personal values, I haven’t yet determined a “mission statement” for my life, and I’m open to hearing what your mission is (if you have one, but it’s okay if you don’t), or otherwise discover a mission we could build together.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, I would love to hear from you! Send me an email at ten.iemllib@llib and introduce yourself, and include a link to your online media (or attach photos, if you don’t use social media).

I look forward to meeting you!