Starting Strength: Review and Summary Notes

Starting Strength

Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training (3rd Edition) by Mark Rippetoe and Jason Kelly

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Starting Strength


This book describes the mechanics and physics behind optimal barbell training, and all the nuances of good form.

I wrote a more in-depth summary of what I learned from this book in this blog post: I tried 21 diet and exercise programs. None of them worked. Except for one.

While Starting Strength is more popular, I think it is too technical / tactical for those just starting out. Practical Programming is more beginner-friendly and strategic.

I think this book is optional for people starting out, it becomes necessary only if you want to nerd out over every technical detail, and after you’ve gained some initial experience and want to deepen your knowledge. I would rather recommend just watching the videos for beginners.

Try to get the latest edition instead of any older editions, as it’s been updated with more nuanced experience and advice. The paperback version is also easier to work with than the hardcover version.

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