Bill Mei

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I’m a consultant and author


The Big Picture

I’m a consultant who works with startups that value quality over speed. I look for people who do ridiculous, over-the-top things to make customers happy.

My clients include the president of a million-dollar digital-advertising firm in Toronto who hired me for my business advice, and my projects include running a bus company that our competitors appraised at $1,184,000 in revenue.

Here’s what my clients say about me:

Bill takes a pragmatic approach to his work that optimizes the workload of the developers while providing excellent functionality for the user.

— Andy Ung, Founder of Grocery Match

We set the bar high for Bill, and he consistently hit the ball out of the park.

— Fahad Kamr, Founder of Market IQ

In one particular experience, Bill was presented with an immature stack of unfamiliar technology. He was able to quickly research, integrate and subsequently extend several technologies, taking ownership and significantly expanding the possible scope. His dedication allowed the team to meet a key deadline with a product that eclipsed the specifications.

— Michael Blinn, President of Giv2Giv Inc.

Interested in what I do and want to work together? Get in touch and tell me about what you’re working on.